Running to the Sea: Holiday Villa in Majorca

Everyone knows that Palma de Mallorca (often called simply Palma) is an ideal place to spend a summer vacation. The place is well-known for its magnificent views, Mediterranean climate, luxury beaches, historical sights, and fancy atmosphere. For many people, Palma is a synonym to holidays. Hundreds of beautiful villas and hotel rooms are booked long before summer. Those, who can’t make it on time, have to change their plans and look for other vacation spots. This problem can be easily avoided. Only a few know that buying a property in Palma is not so expensive and unachievable as many people think.

Villa in Majorca

Property of Palma Majorca Bay

The fastest way to find a property in Majorca is real estate websites. For example, on the real estate website you can easily compare all available variants of apartment in athens at the moment. The navigation helps you to filter the property for sale by the budget, region, amenities, positive feedbacks, etc. Not all prices in Palma de Mallorca are ridiculously high and unreasonable. Everything depends on the villa you’re looking for. Sometimes a small villa by the sea has much better views than a big luxury palace with a huge pool. As an example, we’re going to present you a brief guide to one of those magnificent villas with a breathtaking sea view. The following villa is located in a quiet area and is just 5-7 minutes walk away from the shore.

Villa in Majorca

Holiday Villa in Palma de Mallorca

The villa has a lot of space and welcomes up to 6 people. It is designed in a typical Spanish style with stone and wood. You get 2 resting points outside the house – a small private garden and a swimming pool. These are the best places in the house to view the sundown in the evening and the sunrise in the morning. The location is very convenient as you can reach both the sea and the nearest village in 7 minutes or less.


There are 3 bedrooms in the house. The first one is the main bedroom with a king double bed. The second and the third bedrooms are a little bit smaller with two twin beds. All furniture is modern and brand new. In the living room, there is one more place to relax – a huge and extremely soft sofa.


The kitchen in the house is very spacious. It has all modern appliances to make your cooking process easier and faster. Here you will find a dishwasher, kettle, refrigerator, microwave, toaster, freezer, etc. You get everything to prepare a true Spanish dinner. There is one big table inside the house and one big table near the pool.

Additionally, you get a parking place near the house, a free WiFi signal, a free Satellite TV, a DVD Player, and an air conditioning. The surroundings are very green. The designers tried to leave as much green space on the territory as possible. The terrace is created in such a way to provide you with both sunny and shady areas all day long.

Holidays in Majorca can be very different. It is either a relaxing, peaceful time or an extreme adventure with sailing and diving. But in both cases, you need a comfortable home to relax after a long day. So, whom would we recommend renting and buying a seaside villa in Majorca? We don’t want to boast, but we would definitely recommend it to everyone. To ensure this by yourself, just open a real estate website and scroll down to see all propositions of Majorca’s property.